Are You Ready to Feel Fit, Focused, and Confident?

Finally, a proven program to give you the results you can feel good about.

Teased as a young boy for having a “skinny bird chest,” Kent Paul, former Mr. Colorado bodybuilder and fitness – nutrition trainer for Miss USA, created Kinetic Focal Point Training to double weight lifting results in half the time while eliminating stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. For years he used this very specific training for every kind of client you can imagine from injured professional athletes to stay-at-home moms.  After a debilitating car accident left him with a broken neck, he used this exact same training to rehabilitate himself and regain a fully active lifestyle.  Kinetic Focal Point Training works for everyone.  It will even work for you.

Kent has been featured in over 21 Countries and on many nationally syndicated television shows.

Is a physical injury slowing you down?

Are you wanting more stamina, greater flexibility, and increased muscle mass regardless of age?

Kinetic Focal Point Training will get you back to a stronger, healthier lifestyle in half the time.

Receive Kent Paul’s 7 Simple Steps to Regain Your Healthy Edge

Below are 3 Examples of how Kinetic Focal Point Training can create momentum on your journey to better health.

(There are over 100 videos available in my private coaching library.)

Kinetic Focal Point Training positions your body in a unique way that allows the exercise to isolate a specific muscle 100% by using a mental focus point to push or pull the weight from.  For example, a shoulder press should never be “pushed from the hands,” rather the focal point is the elbows with my TOP SECRET “tea cup grip.”   This will eliminate the triceps from engaging and create the TWICE THE TONING RESULTS in the shoulders IN HALF THE TIME.  Nobody else is teaching this.

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