Kent helped me get off 4 medications in 4 weeks to give me hope for life, again.

Kent helped me get my self esteem back after a dark depression.

Kent helped me Get My Sexy Back after gaining 45 lbs

Kent helped me get my Power back after a nasty divorce

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Kent gave me the miracle of going from the “fat girl” to diva

Kent taught me my self worth after my meth addiction and suicide attempt

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Mr Colorado

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Kpaul Coaching Mastermind Systems …is a program designed to help you break free from the bondage of life struggles to thrive into your full potential with Passion – Purpose- Power while being fit and BEAUTIFUL.

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If you are stuck in a low place in life, all you have to do is watch Kent’s videos. I ran across one of his daily life coaching videos on my news feed, after listening I went right to his website to see more. I signed up for his monthly subscription for my daily instructional tools. I cannot express my excitement enough. I am feeling my passion again! This man is the most inspirational person. I say 5 stars to his website! It’s more than awesome! Joanie LaSasso - Culliney

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of so called self help programs out there that may have conflicting and confusing messages. I am a person that has personally experienced all the tools and strategies myself that I teach in my system. Coaching thousands of people all over the world over 20 years has led me to conclude that we all have life challenges to overcome in many areas of life. We all have the same needs- to love, be loved, have sense of value, find and live in passion with purpose and feel we made a difference in the world around us. I will give you the tools and strategies to get unstuck and heal from the setbacks of life. There is hope – There is a solution.

My passion and Purpose is to share what I have learned from being on top of the world to the bottom of the dark abyss of existence with a broken neck, drugs and alcohol addiction and suicide attempt. I had to learn a whole new way of thinking and acting in the world if I was going to stay alive and live free of the bondage of self. I am now free and living life abundant. Let me share with you the exciting tools and strategies I learned over the last 20 years. You are not alone.. I am with you and for you…

“When I see my before and after change in that picture, it still doesn’t seem real to me! it seams like something that would happen to someone else, not me, yet, it IS me!

“Kent, you have helped transform me from a Worrier to a Warrior. Don’t think my kids refer to you as “Kent Paul the superhero” for nothing:) They have seen me change right before their eyes! Inside and Out 😉 They know how huge a difference you have made in my life. YOU are the celebrity to them. Yet you make me feel like a celebrity:) How cool is that?!                       Beth Amen

Are you ready to declare a new life? Are you ready to have all your dreams come true?
Begin right now – there is no time to waste. I’m here for you. Be a Champion Warrior Mastermind!!!

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